Watch Design 101

Plenty consumers use watches not only for timekeeping purposes, but also for style.

There are two kinds of watch consumers. First, the high-end consumer that invests on the best
watches. This person spends thousands of dollars just to get premium timepieces. The next one is
a fashion consumer. This individual is typically in the market for luxury brand names and
popular styles at affordable price points.

A good timepiece always starts with creativity.

Are you thinking of getting a mechanical watch in Malaysia? Before finalizing your purchase,
see to it that you understand the significance behind timepieces. Watchmakers are investing
thousands of hours just to design a pretty piece that can last for many decades. It all starts with
creativity. Believe it or not, a lot of watch designers can’t hold a pencil properly. It’s true that
creativity can be achieved without sketching.

Every watch design is different.

Watch designers work hard to achieve unique, remarkable timepieces. They have different work
processes. Most of them collaborate and work with many people on a daily basis to come up with
excellent ideas. Some, on the other hand, choose to work alone.

The worst way to design a timepiece is through imitation.

A lot of young watch designers, most especially Chinese designers, copy details from online
photos and magazines where everything appears flat 2D. This clearly wouldn’t work. It’s
important to begin from the product’s “heart.”

How much is the right amount that a person must spend on a watch?

We want to wear a lot of watches, yet we don’t have that much money to allot in valuable
investments. The best timepieces cost thousands of dollars. The very first thing you need to think
about here is the type of watch that you want. Should you go for a mechanical watch or a quartz watch?
Mechanical watches are expensive, yet they last a lifetime.

People’s tastes in watches are rapidly evolving.

The times are changing. This means that the people’s preferences when it comes to timepieces
are also evolving. Consider it as a fashion trend that changes once in a while. The challenge of
watch brands and watch designers is to keep the styles up-to-date and fresh.