The Most Important Features to Look for in a Website Hosting Provider

1. Amount of Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data that the website host provides to let you and your visitors
download and upload in a particular month. Keep in eye on your bandwidth, most especially if
your web pages require high-resolution images and videos. There are also web hosting
companies offering unlimited bandwidth, but make sure to research on its “limitations.”

2. Amount of Storage

To make money online in Malaysia, you should work with a web host that can cater to your
needs effectively. Check how much data they would allow you to store. For many medium- and
small-sized websites, many gigabytes are already sufficient for storage.

3. Database Support

At this day and age, all types of websites, even small ones, should have a database that operates
on the back end. Use the kind of database you are most comfortable with. A lot of website hosts
today provide MySQL since that is enough for most clients. However, if you require SQL
Server, Oracle or PostsgreSQL, don’t settle for anything less.

4. Email Features and Accounts

Plenty of website hosting companies provide email accounts for domains. Before finalizing your
deal with a company, check how many email accounts they would allow you to set up. They
must have their own webmail interface.

5. Number of Subdomains and Domains

So, you are now running your first ever website. If everything is doing well, chances are, you
will have a second and third one soon. Managing your own web hosting account can be difficult,
so see to it that the web hosting company will allow you to host various domains. Usually, there
is a limit on how much domains you can use on a single account. Check if they can
accommodate you.

6. Tech Support

Tech support is another important factor that must be considered. Find out how your potential
web host provides technical support. Do they have a ticketing system? Is there a support email
address? Are they offering support via live chat and phone? Can their staff attend to your needs
and problems 24/7?