Finding the Right Watch For Your Wrist and Style: Important Guide Questions

“What do watch collectors and enthusiasts mean when they say millimeters?”

When shopping for men’s watches in Malaysia, there are tons of things you need know
beforehand. One of them is, of course, the different parts of the watch. Whenever you see
millimeter measurements on a timepiece, it is referring to the watch face’s diameter.
Usually, mean’s watches are around 34mm to 50mm in range. However, some time ago, some
companies got a bit overzealous, and started releasing dish-sized watch faces up to 60mm. Some
watches would look good on your wrist, others won’t.

“What type of watch would look best for me, if my style is on the classic side?”

If you are aiming for a classy, dapper look, your timepiece must do the same. In this case, you’ll
never go wrong with an Omega Seamaster and Rolex Submariner are your best bets. You can
even settle for a vintage style.

“What if I don’t have the budget for an expensive Rolex watch?”

Rolex is not the only watch in the world that will make you feel elegant. Filson and Shinola
make good modern-inspired, mid-century watches at affordable prices.

“I’m into capital-F Fashion. What are the best watches for me?”

If you are into the latest runway trends, it’s best to buy less expensive timepieces that you can
wear with any attire. Are you thinking of wearing Chelsea boots and waxed jeans on your next
trip? Choose a watch with a distressed black leather band. Moreover, a watch with a futuristic
vibe will look great with graphic tees and hi-top sneakers.
For those who are into the fashion game, you can get designer watches from popular labels.

“What is the best type of athleisure watch?”

Many people ditch the classic watch in favor of step-tracking wrist bands. If you have a religious
fitness routine, an Apple Watch is the best option for style and performance. A rubber wristband
would look best with tailored sweatpants. However, if you are feeling a bit fancy, a classy
Hermes watch strap is an amazing option, most especially if you are attending a special event.
Just see to it that you chose the right size for your wrist.