Does ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ Truly Exists in Web Hosting?

When you are searching for the best web hosting company out there, you might find that they advertise something like ‘unlimited bandwidth’. Does that type of service actually exist?

Here’s the Truth

In marketing, companies would always use shiny words to try and lure people to buy their products or sign up to their service and it just so happens that we always get engrossed when we see the word ‘unlimited’. After all, if we can have unlimited of anything, we wouldn’t have any problems, right?
Unfortunately, unlimited bandwidth, at least to those affordable web hosting plans, is a scam. The truth is, most hosting companies would only do that in an attempt to gain as many customers as possible. After all, who wouldn’t be enticed to sign up if they are guaranteed to have unlimited bandwidth, right?
You see, when hosting companies remove the bandwidth cap and people are able to use all of the available resources, there will be some users that will take full advantage of this and get all of the bandwidth for themselves.
And, if you are aware, the most common type of hosting plan is shared web hosting. It is affordable and it has all of the features that the common man wants in a hosting provider.
So, for you to understand what I am about to say, you must first know how a shared hosting service works.
Basically, the premise of shared web hosting is that you, along with other people, will have their websites hosted on one server. Depending on your hosting plan, you are given bandwidth allocations that are appropriate to the plan you’re currently subscribed to.
That being said, if you were to be given only 100GB of bandwidth per month, then your website’s performance degrades once you reach that threshold and the only two things that you can at that point would either be to wait the next month or pay an additional fee to remove the restriction.
This bandwidth cap exists for the sole purpose of ensuring that all of the available resources are shared accordingly to the different websites that are on a particular server.
If someone has a website that gains massive traction and, therefore, massive internet traffic, that website would require more bandwidth than others and if that happens, all of the other clients will suffer in the process.

Read the Fine Print

Most web hosting companies know that people do not read the full terms and conditions, much to the detriment of the client.
As I’ve said earlier, unlimited bandwidth plans are a scam simply because you cannot get that type of service in shared web hosting.
If you are going to look for the best web hosting company to host your website and if they do offer such, read the fine print. You will be surprised that there is a clause that will usually state something to the extent of reaching a certain threshold, in which case, your performance degrades when that happens.