Choosing the Best Car Seat

Are you thinking of buying a new baby car seat and baby carrier in Malaysia? Baby shopping is
probably one of the most exciting parts of parenthood. Purchasing car seats is not that simple,
though. You need to take it seriously, in order to get the best product for your little one. Here is a
simple guide.

The Most Basic Things You Should Know Before to Buy a Car Seat

1. Know your car.

It’s best to check your vehicle’s child safety sections. Look into relevant details like seats, latch
and belts.

2. Know your kid.

Monitor your kid’s weight and height, along with her age. From there, determine the appropriate
car seat size, and when it is time to move it to the next level. Moreover, any health or behavioral
issue can impact your choice.

3. Know where the best stores are.

Make sure to buy from a store that accepts returns, and handles installation. The seat belt
placement and cushion angle must be comfortable. Big department stores like Walmart and
Target provide a limited product range, so feel free to check out online stores and brands.

Several retailers offer free shipping on baby car seats. However, you should only make online
purchases after you have seen the models in real life. If you want to settle for high-end models,
go for boutiques and specialty stores.

Is this your first car seat?

Even experienced parents get confused with different types of car seats, and when it is time to
make changes. Before getting one for your child, make sure to do extensive research.

    1. Keep the baby rear-facing until she is 2 years old.
    2. Stick with forward-facing harnesses until your kid outgrows the weight limits and harness height.
    3. Your kid needs a booster seat until she is around 57 inches tall, and around 8 to 12 years old. Before removing everything, the vehicle’s belts must fit her correctly.
    4. Immediately replace damaged car seats and parts.
    5. Even after your kid is prepared to use just the car belt alone, she must ride at the backseat until she is 13 years old.