7 Things to Do in Malacca that Are Worth Your Time

Among the many cities in Malaysia, I always go back to Melaka. Truth be told, I’ve been
here quite a couple of times and every time I visit, it still feels like I’ve been to this place
just the first time.

Malacca or Melaka is rich in cultural history as this place was invaded by the
Portuguese, Dutch, and British back in the day. But, what I really notice every time I visit
is how the city looks amazingly clean.

To get here, you need to take a 2-hour ride from Kuala Lumpur. Despite its rich history,
there are new things that you can do here, especially for single men. Lovely girl escorts
are aplenty and you can also sample some of the city’s amazingly delicious cuisines.
In today’s article, I will go over some of the things to do in Malacca that are definitely
worth your time (and money).

Go Around the Red Square

The first place that I want you to visit when you arrive in Malacca is Red Square. Also
known as the Dutch Square, you will find red-painted buildings where you can find more
information about the Dutch invasion.

Furthermore, you can also find the Stadthuys, Christ Church, Queen Victoria Fountain,
and Tan Beng Swee Clock Tower here as well.

Ride the Bike

Also found in the Dutch Square are colorful and beautiful trishaws that follow a certain
cartoon theme. You can find trishaws that are filled with designs from Hello Kitty, Ben
10, Doraemon, and some Disney Characters.

Riding the trishaw is quite amazing and it is not that expensive at all. If you do not want
to walk around the square, then I highly recommend that you get in one.

Visit the Sultan’s Palace

Although it is called the Sultan’s Palace, you actually cannot find any sultans residing
here. Instead, this is repurposed as a museum where you can learn more about the
history of the entire city.

The Sultanate Palace Museum is one of the places that you definitely have to visit and
entering here would only require you to pay RM5.

Enjoy Peranakan Cuisine

Peranakan Cuisine (or Nyonya foods) is a marriage between Chinese and Malay food
cultures. Although there are a lot of restaurants and eateries that offer Peranakan
Cuisine, I want you to go to either Nancy’s Kitchen or the Nyonya Makko Restaurant.

The former is actually quite popular in the city because when you arrive here, you will
see a long line of patrons waiting to get inside.

The latter is also great as they offer some amazing Nyonya fried chicken and fried fish dishes.

Go Up the Taming Sari

If you want to get some of the best views of the entire city, take a ride at the Menara
Taming Sari. It only costs RM20 and the 7-minute ride should be enough for you to
marvel at this magnificent city.
Shop at Jonker Walk
If you want to buy some souvenirs for your friends and family at home, go to Jonker
Walk. Here, you can find a wide variety of apparel, handicrafts, and other items.

Cool Down with Cendol

Malaysia can be pretty hot and humid during the day which is the reason why the
shaved ice dessert known as Cendol is quite popular in the metro.

Cendol is a shaved ice dessert that is usually doused with fresh coconut milk and
topped with green jelly and a host of other toppings.

It is quite inexpensive and will definitely help you cool down, especially if you’ve been
out for quite some time.