6 Reasons why you must study Architecture

1. Study architecture to become an architect.

As long as you work hard and focus on your goal, you can become a good architect. Soon, you will be able to work for a top architecture company in Malaysia. Once you gain ample experience, you can even set up your very own design firm. To achieve all of this, going to an architecture school in Malaysia is the first step.

2. Study architecture to know if that is the right profession for you.

Several people take up architecture, and eventually realize that it is not for them. Is this really something you want to do with your life? By studying architecture, you can have a clearer understanding of your path in life.

3. Study architecture to have fun.

Going to architecture school is lots of fun. Meeting cool people in the industry, travelling the world, testing the limits, and working alongside your friends are amazing. In fact, many professionals never wanted school to end.

4. Study architecture to change your life.

Architecture can change how you see the entire world. It can eventually change your life. Once you graduate, you will see yourself as a completely different person. You will go through a lot in architecture school that will change your views.

5. Sturdy architecture to become a great problem solver.

Architecture school teaches a person to solve difficult problems. It is not just about building establishments! The answers to the problems may not come instantly, but through trial and error and thorough investigation, you can find perfect solutions. Being a good problem solver is essential for a successful architecture career.

6. Study architecture to travel the world.

Every person who studies architecture must travel the world in order to explore how different individuals live around the globe. Traveling is crucial for architecture students.