5 Useful Tips to Drive More Traffic to Exhibitors’ Booths

 / 5 Useful Tips to Drive More Traffic to Exhibitors’ Booths
23 Oct

5 Useful Tips to Drive More Traffic to Exhibitors’ Booths

If you’re going to organize a trade show, you will need to talk to some sponsors so that you will have a booth in the event. You want to make sure that you’re going to promote the brand and one way to do that is to help drive more traffic to your booth.

How are you going to do that in an effective manner? Here are some tips that you can use:

1. It Starts with the Décor

Your booth’s décor will set it apart from the rest. You see those generic booths that only have the brand name printed in a cloth piece? Yeah, do not be like them. Make yours stand out by using attention-grabbing decorations.

For sure, you still want to put the brand or sponsor’s name so that people will know what the booth is, but you also have to make sure that the aesthetics are on point as well.

You could perhaps add some audio-visual equipment to help entice more foot traffic while in the event venue.

2. Give Some Freebies

Your brand sponsors are always going to have some freebies that you can easily hand out to your guests. However, you have to make it a point to give them with some additional call-to-action.

You see, if you just hand out the freebies as it is, most likely, people will just take them and leave immediately. You could, however, tie them with something that is more tangible like having them put their email in to join an online raffle, for example. Tying it with something that is actionable is a great way for freebies to do its thing.

3. Make Use of an Event App

One of the best things that you can do as an event manager is to take that extra step; an additional move that no other event organizer is doing.

An example of this is to create an event app that will help streamline the process. The smartphone application should have plenty of features that will help lure people into your sponsor’s booth.

You could implement certain features that encourage customer engagement, you could allow them to set appointments, and you can also give free discounts via the app as well.

It is definitely one of the most convenient ways to increase foot traffic to your booth so be sure to grab this opportunity.

4. Display New Products

One sure fire way to entice people to come in is for your sponsors to display their new products. For example, if you have a smartphone sponsor, tell them to have their new units displayed so that people can have a look at it (or better yet, allow them to test it).

Product demonstrations are always going to be a part of your toolkit when it comes to higher customer traffic.

5. Use Social Media a Lot During the Event

Social media has become an integral part of both the business and personal sense. People use the platform to engage with their friends and peers and companies can use this to their advantage to gain more coverage as well.

Use company-sponsored hashtags or create one that speaks to your sponsor’s brand. Moreover, you can encourage more customer engagement if you tell them that they’re going to receive freebies and perks by sharing their pictures on the platform using those specialized hashtags.


Driving more traffic to your sponsor’s booth is one way to help build trust and rapport not only to your exhibitor, but also to their customers as well. Following the tips in this article will help you increase brand and customer engagement.

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