5 Helpful Tips in Choosing the Best WordPress Hosting Service This 2020

1. High Uptime Guarantee

Almost every top host in Malaysia promises to give aroufnd 99.9% of uptime, but not all of them
get to stick to that promise. Settling for a top WordPress hosting provider means that there will
be lesser chance that the website would go down frequently. Before finalizing the deal with a
company, make sure to do research first. As much as possible, pick a hosting business that has
been in the business for quite a while for more experience and reliability.

2. Great Customer Support

If your website is facing some web hosting problems, you need a hosting team that can attend to
your needs as soon as possible. What if you encounter issues in the middle of the night? Look for
a company that can provide you efficient 24/7 client support, whether via live chat, phone or
email. This is a crucial part of blogging and web hosting.

3. One-Click WordPress Installation

For many people, WordPress is the best content management system and blogging platform.
Even if you don’t have that much technical knowledge, creating a website is easy on WordPress
with the help of a so-called “one-click installation” process. You can get hold of that feature with
the help of a reputable web hosting provider.

4. Different WordPress Hosting Types

There are many types of web hosting plans out there available for both newbies and experienced
professionals. Do you think you need WordPress VPS hosting or a dedicated server? Before
finalizing the deal with a hosting company, do extensive research on the type of package you
need. You may want to go for the one that will make your life easier when doing an upgrade.

5. Costs

The cost is a primary criteria when selecting web host. As a newbie, you must look for a
affordable hosting service that is extremely reliable, so you can manage both your blogging plan
and your finances. The wisest and most practical choice is to begin with a cheap hosting plan,
and then just upgrade as you grow your blog.