5 Common Navigation Menu Mistakes

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23 Apr

5 Common Navigation Menu Mistakes

Navigation menu on a website design is the part often we tend to overlook or take for granted because it seems to have a little importance. But the menu’s design, how it linked pages and it’s layout is very important because of these are not done right then it can be a hassle for visitors to navigate through your site. When creating menu for a website you need to set in your mind that the menu must not only looks good in terms of design but works well too. It must be easy to be navigate through not convoluted and messy, though unless your designing a website that targeting for Japanese visitors, then you’ll want to create a menu that provides straightforward navigations.

An easy to use menu section will surely attract visitors to explore more of your website content, meaning they will be spending more time on your website and this will increase the percentage for conversion rate of your website and it’s pages. I mean, if you go to a restaurant or cafe and the menu pretty much takes you on an explorace race just to order your foods and drinks, i don’t think you will frequent that restaurant or cafe. Well, there is no denying some might develop a taste for that kind of menu, those market are more of a niche market. So unless you are targeting a niche market or because you want to tempt visitors curiosity by making them go on an explorace race then you will want your website’s menu to be as straightforward as it can, but this doesn’t mean you should completely sacrifice and abandon creativity, you still can but with limits.

Making it hard to back up.

If user selected the wrong option, they should be able to return without any trouble to the previous web page. Part of your task is to make their life easier. Don’t let them leave your website because of this navigation error.

Being creative instead of being practical.

Practice creativity all you want, but don’t forget to address functionality. Fancy navigation effects may appear impressive in the theme demo, though they are actually more annoying than helpful. Flashing items and zooming text won’t help people go where they want to go. Your fonts must be readable, and have high contrast against the background.

Providing too much options.

People love lots of choices, but too much that it will overwhelm them. The rule of thumb in website design? Have only around seven choices.

Confusing descriptions.

Do you lots of generic labels such as “who we are” and “what we do?” These may be accurate, but obviously, they are not useful. Your labels must be specific enough, since users use effective search terms.

Misuse of drop-down menus.

Drop-down menus are not really bad for website navigation. In fact, they can help website owners organize details. However, if you fail to use it properly, they will surely have a negative impact.

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